"I Speak ..." Confession

I Speak Peace Into My Life, Relationships, Ministry, Workplace, And Business

Everything That Is Misaligned I Command To Come Into Divine Alignment

I Have The Mind Of Christ And Therefore Seek Things Above And Not Beneath

I Ascend Into New Realms Of Power And Authority And Access New Dimensions Of Divine Revelation

I Wear The Helmet Of Salvation To Protect My Mind From Negative Thoughts That Would Derail Your Purposes And Plans For Me

Truth Protects My Integrity, Righteousness Protects My Reputation, The Gospel Of Peace Guides My Every Step, The Shield Of Faith Secures My Future And Destiny, And The Sword Of The Spirit Grants Me Dominion And Authority

I Decree And Declare A Prophetic Upgrading Of My Thought Life. I Cancel The Affect Of Negative, Self-Defeating Thought Processes And Patterns And Put Them Under My Feet

New Cycles Of Victory, Success, And Prosperity Will Replace Old Cycles Of Failure, Poverty, And Death In My Life

I Now Have A New, Refreshed, Cutting-Edge Kingdom Mentality

At The Word, As A Kingdom Trailblazer, I Pioneer New Territory

I Declare That There Will Be No Substitutes, No Holdups, No Setbacks, And No Delays

I Am Excited; My Spirit Is Ignited; I Walk In Favor With God And Man

All Financial Doors Are Opened, And All Financial Channels Are Free. Endless Bounty Comes To Me.

I Will Persist Until I Succeed