The Firstfruit Confession
Father I thank you and I worship you as the source and sustainer of my life and acknowledge that you and you alone have caused me to increase. I choose to offer as a firstfruit offering my best set aside sacrifice portion of that increase you have brought into my life as a sacrificial worship offering. This amazing offering triggers the supernatural abundance momentum in my life. It’s an amazing turning point in my ability to save, and an amazing turning point in my enemies’ desire to hurt me. Thank you Father I see by faith an amazing turning point in my family being blessed and we have an amazing favor to purchase real estate. I declare my heart is established, my harvest is established and my hearing is established. Now Jesus, you are my High Priest and you are ever making intercession and worshipping the Father on my behalf. I thank you that your work in the earth will experience supernatural supply causing amazing ministry because of my firstfruit offering!