Pastor Laura Sibley, Cyber Pastor

An Adult Child of an Alcoholic, Pastor Laura Sibley found herself on the streets by the time she was fifteen. These were the days when law enforcement regarded domestic violence as a ‘personal private matter’. It wasn’t long before Laura got involved in a life of drugs and violence. Dealing drugs and running with a violent crowd became the norm.

Pastor Laura had a personal encounter with God that changed her life forever. By the age of 21, she had accepted Jesus Christ and the call into His ministry. She completed four years of formal ministerial education and graduated at the top of her class from Living Praise Christian Institute.

Since 1984, Laura has served the Lord and the Kingdom of God faithfully. She is an anointed Pastor, Bible Teacher, Writer, Psalmist, Musician, Songwriter and Public Speaker. She is the Founder of The Stress Centers of California, The Wellness Centers and The California Wellness Institute and the Really Cool Chicks Who Love Jesus Club.

Pastor Laura Sibley is currently a member of Living Praise Christian Center where since 1988; she has continued to serve as a Pastor and Elder under the leadership of Dr. Fred and Linda Hodge. She is happily married, the mother of two children and a Grandmother. She and her husband John currently reside in Southern California.