Back To Basics Teaching by Pastor Laura Sibley

The intent and purpose of the Back to Basics Class is to fulfill the commission given to us in 1 Peter 5:2 to feed, guide, nurture, and tend the flock of God that is our responsibility which would be our CyberChurch Members and Guests. CyberChurch’s Mission is to take Church to those who cannot or will not attend a local congregation. Our objective is to fulfill this assignment utilizing many online and digital methods to reach the world for Christ. To raise up active, submitted, obedient members of the Body of Christ as a whole and provide a platform for them to find and use their God given gifts and abilities to further build and promote the Kingdom of God.

Lesson # 1
Understanding the New Birth
Lesson # 2
Who You are in Christ
Lesson # 3
Our Inheritance
Lesson # 4
The Authority of the Believer -Part 1
Lesson # 5
The Authority of the Believer- Part 2
Lesson # 6
Spiritual Warfare
Lesson # 7
The Blood of Jesus
Lesson # 8
The Holy Spirit
Lesson # 9
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Lesson # 10
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Lesson # 11
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Part 2
Lesson # 12
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Part 3
Lesson # 13
The Grace and Resident Gifts
Lesson # 14
The Secret to Spiritual Power
Lesson # 15
Showing Honor to God
Lesson # 16
Understanding the Enemy and His Defeat
Lesson # 17
The Role of an Intercessor
Lesson # 18
The Divine Exchange in Fellowship
Lesson # 19
What to Do When You Are Going Through
Lesson # 20
The Anointing
Lesson # 21
The Sower and the Seed
Lesson # 22
Understanding the Manifestation Process
Lesson # 23
Binding and Loosing
Lesson # 24
The Prayer of Agreement
Lesson # 25
Praise and Worship
Lesson # 26
Faith in the Name of Jesus
Lesson # 27
Divine Healing
Lesson # 28
Lesson # 29
Love is the Power to Operate
Lesson # 30
Church Membership
Lesson # 31
Spiritual Maturity
Lesson # 32
Discovering My Ministry
Lesson # 33
Discovering My Ministry - Part 2
Lesson # 34
Discovering Your Gift